The Songs of Gallus Line
Walking Down the Town
Gallus Line
©1999, 2000
Well I'm walking down the town, you know I'm walking (2x)
See the people gather around,
I ask them:
"What's going on?"

Well they're pointing to a man lying on the ground, they're pointing.(2x)
They say his friend shot him down
Took off down the town
Took off running.

Did they catch him, yeah, did they catch the man? (2x)
He was running down the town
The Police ran him down,
Yeah, they caught him.

Well I'm sitting staring at the Judge you known I'm sitting. (2x)
The State wrote me note
They say 'I got the jury duty'

Well the case that I'm going to hear (2x)
The case of the man
The man who shot his friend
And took off running.

Well they ask him "Why did you shoot your friend?" (2x)
"He didn't like where we are -
He wanted to go to another bar
So I shot him"

Well I'm sitting under a great big electric fan you know I'm sitting. (2x)
They ask me how I vote
And I say
"Let's let him go."

I say "Lets let the man go" (2x)
Well a friend can kill his friend
With a gun
Or in his heart

Well I hang that jury down (2x)
They're wanting to go home
And I'm standing all alone
Saying "Let's let him go"

How can you let the him go? (2x)
I'm sure you've had a friend
And you wanted it to end
Let's let him go.

Don't go walking down the town don't go walking. (2x)
Your friend may disagree
Where your friendship should be
Yeah, they'll kill you.

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