The Songs of Gallus Line
The Sweet Sounds of Violence
Gallus Line
©1997, 2000
What sweet sounds of violence
What heart can mend?
Into this house dominion
What family rend?
My eyes look forward
My heart looks behind
What sweet sounds of violence
Are on my mind

We come in and sit down
Hoping to hear
Some measure their time
Not in weeks but in years
Sounds and silence
What do you hear?
The sweet sounds of violence
Harmony of fear

And who can say?
Who's to know?
What should you say?
Where should we go?
Sometimes we look backward
Sometimes we long
We know the truth
Lies in our song

Additional Verses:
Sometimes we just want
Things to stay the same
Sometimes we just want
Things to change
Sometimes we don't want
What comes to be
We don't want the pain
Not you, not me

I just sat there
With nothing to say
I just sat while the tragedy
Continued to play
Everyone played their part
To the bloody end
We choose to be enemies
And not friends (Refrain)

Now we're healing
But what the cost?
What price victory?
What confidence lost?
Can't help the feeling
That something is gone
Did we do the right thing
Or something wrong?

Did we reconcile?
Or did we just burn?
Did we perfect justice?
Or just lose our turn?
The walls seem
A little plainer be
We mouth the words
Of our psalmody.

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