The Songs of Gallus Line
She's Free
Gallus Line
©1980, 2000
When I get home
Sometimes I feel so tired.
My wife feels the same
She's been working all day.
It's after dinner then
That we smile.
Let the dishes go
For another day.

Tonight, tonight
Are you gonna love me?
Tonight, tonight
Will you set me free?
She goes to sleep
On the couch 'neath the covers.
She's free when she's sleeping
She's free when she's loving me.

We like the quiet
Of our apartment.
Sometimes it's a bit lonely.
Very few of the friends
That we know,
Will brave a trip
Down into the valley. (Refrain)

Sometimes we brave it
Out in the public.
Dinner, or a movie.
We like the kind
You can drive your car in.
Bring our own food and
Have privacy. (Refrain)

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