The Songs of Gallus Line
Sexual Chains
Gallus Line
©1999, 2000
Well the dogs at midnight barking,
Cat begins to howl.
Man creeping around your backdoor
Out on a prowl.
Woman opens up her backdoor
She says 'I'm glad you came.'
She's just wrapped herself up more tightly in those
Sexual Chains.

In the air the man is early.
The airport comes to view.
The freeway goes so easy
He knows just what he is going to do.
Opens the door he's got flowers
Sees the man pluck her petal view
She just whipped him to his soul
With those long, sharp
Sexual Chains

Across the town the man is working
The hour is getting late
Calls his wife on the telephone
Says 'I'm going to have to work late'
Says 'I love you'
As the woman lights his flame
He's just carved himself another link in those long
Sexual Chains

Now the woman hangs up the telephone
Puts her kids to bed
The words the man said
Still going around and around in her head
Pretty soon that terror,
That terror going to have a name
She's just become another victim of those
Sexual Chains.

(Additional Verses) Now you men you listen to me
Careful what you do.
To your woman you must be faithful:
To your family you must be true.
You better be careful
You're messing with the flame.
You're going to get burned on those long, hot
Sexual Chains.

Now you women you listen to me
Careful what I say
You're the pillar of your family
But you can't always get your way
You got to be careful:
You're playing with the flame.
You just be beating everybody up with those long, long, long
Sexual Chains.

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