The Songs of Gallus Line
The Hills of the North Country
Gallus Line
©1980, 2000
The hills of the North Country
Must be like a dream.
Friends all end their sentences
With "Do you know what I mean?"

Going north
To see a friend of mine.
Gonna jump in the rivers and the lakes,
It'll be so fine.

Won't be going there,
By the land or the sea.
Sailing on the majesty,
Soaring I will be.

I'll be staying there
For the rest of time.
Never to come home
To the burning browness,
Of the hills,
All my life I've known.

You came back last week
Things were disorganized.
But it wasn't until you left
That I came to realize.

You weren't the confusion
It was inside my head.
Wish I had asked you to stay,
But I asked you to leave instead.

Endurance meets, and
People to greet,
Parties to unfold.
Guess we had tried so hard.
Now we're growing old.

Tiredness in our bones,
And tiredness in our eyes,
Thoughts of growing old
Need no longer be disguised.

Winters in the north
Must be so cold
I do not think
I could stay there.

Summers in the south
Are hot they char the land
I do not think
I could stay there.

Somewhere in between
A land I have not seen
I am going there.

Six or seven thousand feet
Above the sea
Rocks and rivers and
Evergreen trees.

I'm going away
To that land
To that land where
I will stay.

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