The Songs of Gallus Line
Mountain Side
Gallus Line
©1980, 2000
Mountain side says I
You're the steepest that can be.
Been climbing for three days and
Your top I've yet to see.

Two days more
On the top I do stand,
A beautiful land.

I go down and
Have a look around.
I know where I will stay.

In a house of grass and mud, and
A stony floor.
Not here,
But I've done that before.

Springtime, early
Yes its true.
To myself I do say:
By the highland I came,
By the lowland I will go away.

Out to the sea
I know its not far.
Sail away
I'll see where other places are.

No wood here
North I will go.
Out to where the
Tallest forest grow.
Build a raft
It will be strong and fine.
Sail away
The sea will treat me kind.

There's got to be more land
This I can feel.
So I'm going away.

And when I'm close
I'll feel it in my bones.
And when I see the shoreline
I know I'll be coming home.

This land is strange
But no stranger than I've seen.
Odd things on the ground
I'll try to tell you what I mean.

Roads of concrete and tar, and
Buildings so tall,
I've come to a city
That is all.

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