The Songs of Gallus Line
Moon Shines
Gallus Line
©1980, 2000
Moon shines,
City does too.
Freeway goes both ways through.
It'll take you where want to go,
If you're going
Where it goes.

It's just a matter of some valleys, and
Of a few roads.
To be where she's laying.
I lay here tonight:
I want to go out there tonight.

Left the factories in seventy-five,
Damn place was eating me up alive.
Lost no time dropped right in school:
Old man kept saying
"Don't be a fool".

And now I find
I'm losing the rest of my mind.
I can hear 'em say
"You'll never make it anyway".

And some cry out to me:
"My name is Cerce -
I am Dido".

And I'm not Aeneas
Nor was I meant to be.
My name is Hamlet,
There's similarity -
Too much similarity.

Ophelia come away with me!
Ophelia I can see,
When you laugh or
When you cry,
It's because you're alive!
You're alive, you're alive,
You're alive, you're alive,
You're alive.

Depressions and UFO's.
Combine'll kill you:
That's how it goes.

Well it can have my body,
But not my soul.
I'd kill myself before
I let that go.

It amazes me
How I've hung on so long.
So damn sensitive
Something always brings me down.

I try to reach out and
Bridge reality.
But my mind gets in the way and
That's all I can see
All I can know.

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