The Songs of Gallus Line
A Man's Blues
Gallus Line
©1991, 2000
I know a man
Married a woman
She brought a child into the relationship
And they had two more
Now there's one thing
I must say
That love carried a price tag
He will always pay and pay.

Love is a flame
But it don't care
You find happiness, or
You find despair

Additonal Verses:
She liked to birth babies
Lord knows why
She doesn't like kids
She just let 'em cry
He didn't do it
It didn't get done
He was always working
Long after the sun. Refrain

He got so tired
Just had to say
'Woman, we got to change.'
She says 'No way.
I like to do nothin'
Just sit around. And
Say Honey do this
Honey do that' Refrain

They got divorced
Tried to say goodbye
But with children
They'll always share
Each other's lives.
They took it hard
As children will
They're still trying
To get over that hill. Refrain

She called him up
Just the other day
Says 'Honey we're
Moving away.
Another state
Another town -
Maybe, we'll
See you around.' Refrain

Love is a key
It'll open the door
You'll find good feelings,
Happiness, and more.
You'll go crazy
You'll kiss the sky
You'll always
Want to be looking
Right into your
Lover's eyes. Refrain

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