The Songs of Gallus Line
Loving Land
Gallus Line
©1998, 2000
Loving arms
Loving hands
We walk along
Over life's sands.

Loving eyes
Loving touch
You're the one
That I love so much.

We walk along
Hand in hand
We walk along
In our loving land

Additional Verses:
The day is long
The time seems few
I get a chance to be
Alone with you.

I call you up
And you say let's meet
Be alone together
Down on the street (refrain)

Down this road of life
I run
Never seem to feel
That my work is done.

I know my strength
Is loving you
And that's exactly
What I'm going to do (refrain)

See you laugh
See you smile
See you
Loving me awhile.

Goes so deep
Inside of me
Where it ends
I just can't see (refrain)

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