The Songs of Gallus Line
I'll Hold On
Gallus Line
©1992, 2000
And I'll hold on
I won't let go.
Please, don't let me down.
Please, don't let me go.

My Momma's on the floor
And she won't get up.
I'm scared and crouched in the corner.

Finally, she gets up.
And she say 'Come here
And help to clean me up.
I must get going.'

'I've got to go out
Got to get some more.
I'll be home in the morning:
Don't you be no trouble.' Refrain

My Daddy's never here
When he is it's bad
He fights with my Momma

I say 'Leave her alone.'
And he says 'Come here.'
And he hurts me way down there.
He says 'Don't you tell nobody.' Refrain

My brother's just come home
He's cold and tired
But he brought some food
And he holds my hand.

He says 'I'm leaving here today
I won't be back
I know where I can go
They won't turn me away'.

He says 'I'm taken you with me
I won't let you down.
Now please stop your crying
I'll carry you if I have to'.

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