The Songs of Gallus Line
The Hills Do Rise
Gallus Line
©1990, 2000
The hills do rise and the hills do fall.
Stretching out before me.
They don't slow me down they're not that tall.
They help me to see.

And I left the mountains weeks ago,
With all the beauty.
And the ocean view is a memory.
One that's very dear.

And I'm thinking back on the ones I love.
The ones I left behind.
Wishing they were here beside me.
To occupy the time.

It's spring time out here on the plain.
That's easy to see.
Green grass grows and the flowers bloom,
As far as I can see.

And I've crossed some rivers in the last few weeks.
But I chose not to ride.
The one stretching out before me now.
Is so lazy and wide.

So I build a raft on the river's shore.
Make it strong and wide.
Lower it down the bank with care.
Get on and ride.

And I remember summer breezes after the sun went down
We would laugh,
We would sing
We'd ride all over town,
Yes, we'd ride all over town.

And I never thought too much about tomorrow
I just thought it would never come
Here I am, almost grown
With kids of my own
Yes, with kids of my own.

And what will we think about tomorrow after the days go by?
Will we laugh?
Will we sing?
Or, will we lie?
Or, will we cry?

The days are long and the nights are warm.
Under a giant sky.
Scenes of the shoreline -
And the river
Go drifting by.

And it's late one day the river's pull
Changes under me.
Over to the shore
And ahead I go walking
To find out why.

And there I see two rivers meet.
And what a sight to see.
The one I rode
Is wide and free
The other's like a sea.

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