The Songs of Gallus Line
Goodbye Game
Gallus Line
©1997, 2000
The workday comes,
The workday goes
I get high, I get low.
And the workday ends
Much like it began
Saying hello to the goodbye man

Well I work so hard
To bring home the pay
For my wife and family
Each and every day

And they let me know
What I can buy
They don't know
How hard I try (Refrain)

And I walk through the door
And she does say
Hello, how are you?
How was your day?

And I'm thinking back
On what the boss-man say
You aren't needed
Going to throw you away (Refrain)

And then you find
A place you want to stay
It is a good time
Working all the day

And you get home
And you got to say
Things are going all right
I don't fear the day (Refrain)

And you get old
You lay on the bed
They pull the sheet
Up over your head

And who do you know?
Who'll remember your name
Now you've stopped playing
The goodbye game. (Refrain)

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