The Songs of Gallus Line
The World Goes By
Gallus Line
©1997, 2000
I'm sitting on the sidewalk
Watching the world go by (2x)
Some people they have company
They're smiling,
They're having a good time.
Other people they're so lonely
Makes you want to
Hang your head and cry.

Well I'm walking down the corner
Heading for the five and dime (2x)
Some people running by
You can tell
That they're falling far behind.
Other people walking slow
You can tell
That they've got lots of free time.

Walk with me a mile
We'll walk on down this road (2x)
Some people going to hurt you
They'll lie to you
If the truth it is told.
Other people will walk with you
They'll even help you
Carrying your load.

I'm sitting on a barstool
Been sitting here quite awhile (2x)
Some people see you drinking
But you know
They'd rather be drinking alone.
Other people see you drinking
They want to join you
'Cause they know its more fun
When you're getting stoned.

I have no illusions
Of either fortune or fame (2x)
Fortune it is fickle
It'll hurt you
Cause you lots of pain.
Fame it'll blind you
Make you stumble
Make you lose all that you've gained.

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