The Songs of Gallus Line
The English
Gallus Line
©1980, 2000
The tires light up
And the car goes very fast.
You've got to buy the tickets
At the counter while they last.

Where does he come from and
What is his name?
Is he different than you or me,
Or is he the same?

Well he comes from very far away.
Where the land
Is surrounded by the sea.
And many are his people's problems
Through out history.

And the master's music
Flows like the wine.
Not the bad stuff,
But sogrape from the vine.

And she sits there so tall
Upon her throne,
Saying 'My people,
We're so very far from home'

'For its in the south
We started our journey.
Coming north
Until we hit the sea.

Looking out
Saw land upon the horizon.
No need to go around,
Build a boat and
We'll get on and
Go out there.
We'll settle down here and
Make this our home.
We'll settle down here and
See what can be known.

So they traveled and
Traveled and traveled
'Til they found.
A stretch of sea
Did go all the way around.

And this is our land,
We will never leave.
We won't give her up,
Even under siege.

We like it fine
No one may say.
'Tis is our land now - go away'.

Well she was very proud and
She grew up very strong.
To gain many possessions
Didn't take very long.

Until thirteen states
Across the sea
Populated by you and me.

And the agribusiness man says
'She taxes the bread'
But the man says
'It keeps my family fed.'

I like it fine no one may say:
I like it better
Go away.

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