The Songs of Gallus Line
Desperate Hand
Gallus Line
©1984, 2000
Occupying my domicile.
Whiling away the while.
Can't find a thing on the T.V.
I don't like just sitting around.
It always brings me down.
Get up and go for a walk.

Around my neighborhood.
It ain't bad -
It ain't good.
But it's where I got to go.

Got a desperate hand
In a desperate land.
And I'm trying to break free.
Got a desperate hand
In a desperate land
And I'm trying,
Oh Lord, I'm trying,
To break free.

Well I'm walking down the street.
And the people that I meet.
All got them downcast eyes.
Maybe they're desperate,
Maybe they just forget,
What it means to be alive.

Well, who am I to say?
That I'm living the right way.
Who am I to say I am alive? Refrain.

Some are going to lose.
Some are going to win.
Is losing the spot that he put you in?

What can you say?
What can you do?
You just keep in your car, man
You keep driving through.

Well, I'm standing outside my door.
Man, I've been here before.
Open up and go on in.
It's pretty much the same.
Yeah, it ain't really changed.
But I'm glad to be here.

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