The Songs of Gallus Line
Gallus Line
©1992, 2000
I sing this for my family
The brothers I once knew
I sing this for my brothers
The family that grew
Time kept on coming
And we could not hide
Time kept moving us
Across this countryside.

The first one to leave us northward did go.
Settled down on the sandy banks of the Sacramento.
There he got his degree and he settled down.
Got himself a wife and child in that capitol town.

But he got a divorce and he moved away.
Found himself living around the San Francisco bay.
There I caught up with him and his new bride.
There I found out from the truth you cannot hide.

He told me of his troubles, the problems he had had.
The late nights and the fights with Mom and with Dad
Yeah, but when you left them you left me too.
Goodbye my brother, I'll always miss you.

He worked the fast food and there he met his bride.
She was just a young thing and she wanted to hide.
They got married and northward they did go.
Settled down in the farming town of Modesto.

He worked so many hours, but then she began to roam.
She fell in with a Japan man and moved away to his home.
She left her daughter in the nighttime to cry.
She left her husband the pain he tried to hide.

He got remarried and he lives in LA
His first-born daughter does not live too far away.
Now she is pregnant and I wonder does she fear.
All the changes coming in the coming years.

Now for my brother with whom I shared a womb.
He was very bold and he left us very soon.
His mind was his landscape and he traveled far and wide.
Logged many a mile in that countryside.

He had many new ideas and he wanted us to hear.
They were so alien they caused us to fear.
People called him lazy they said he did not try.
His brothers beat up on him and caused him to cry.

Now he lives alone the four walls are his jail.
They're very strong and wide I do not think that they will fail.
He says he is lonely but he lets nobody in.
Doesn't want to go throught that pain once again.

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