The Songs of Gallus Line
Gallus Line
©1997, 2000
America, I cry out to you.
America, Where are you?
I call your name, you do not answer.
America, oh, America

America, clear skies and ocean blue
America, I laughed and swam with you
I walked along - you in my footsteps
America, oh, America

America, high clouds and fields so gay
America, I sat and watched you play
You ran to me, I embraced you
America, oh, America

America, we went to the mall that day
America, you ran away
I called and called - you did not answer
America, oh, America

America, I've looked for you since that day
America, you went astray
I fear your demise, hope for your future
America, oh, America

You mothers whose child did not survive
You mothers whose child was birthed and died
You know my pain, you know my torment
America, oh, America

You fathers whose child ran away
You fathers whose child has gone astray
You know my fear, you know my anger
America, oh, America

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