* The Songs of Gallus Line
Title Description Genre Copyright
A Man's Blues The trials and tribulations of marriage... Blues/Rock 1991, 2000
Amelia A great inspiration for all of us girls and boys. Ballad 1991, 1993, 2000
Be With You It is you and you only Pop/Rock 1980, 2000
Beat Us Down Inspired by the 1990s L.A. Riots Folk 1992, 2000
Born in '53 Yes, a good year. Really the start of all I know... Pop/Rock 1985, 2000
Brothers This is one about my brothers. I hope they don't get upset with me! Ballad 1992, 2000
By the Waters of Babylon Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Who but thee, Lord, who but thee. Folk/Ballad 1993, 2000
Captive Based on true events. And, by the way, folks choose to beat her up some more. Alternative 1997, 2000
Come to God's House Just a bit of a tune, a call, to join a community of faith. Church 1997, 2000
Desperate Hand Ah, life in the San Fernando Valley... Pop/Rock 1984, 2000
Do Not See I wrote this after reading an un-authorized biography on Leonard Cohen. It was also one of those songs where I had a set structure up-front, kind of cool. Pop/Rock 1999, 2000
Each and Every Day I don't sing this much any more. Pity. Life in the Valley and Santa Monica. Things were tough. Pop/Rock 1983, 2000
Everybody (Wants a Life Free from Pain) I think we are all alike on this. Some are more successful than others. Pop/Rock 1995, 2000
Freedom This is a dialog. It is all in how you think about such things. Pop/Rock 1994, 2000
Freeway Diesel Man Yes, the old truckin' dream. Not so active anymore but attractive as a youth. Pop/Rock 1980, 2000
Goodbye Game Just another way of looking at life. Not just hellos but goodbyes. Pop/Rock 1997, 2000
Got My Little Booties The song is kind of inspired by my twin. These are good memories. And it is a fun song - one of my favorites! Pop/Rock 1997, 2000
Heaven To Me Musings of Southern California. The rolling hills in the breezes, especially when green in the Spring, are heaven to me. Pop/Rock 1983, 2000
I Sail Over the Ocean A song to sing when the future seems unclear and you are not sure where you are. Pop/Rock 1994, 2000
I Will Be Free An old song for me. Very basic. Blunt. Could I write this today? Pop/Rock 1979, 2000
I'll Hold On A song about the younger boy in a popular set of brothers. Just wondering about his side of the story. Pop/Rock 1992, 2000
I'm A Dreamer Just a bit about me. I have trouble separating what I dream or want and reality. Pop/Rock 1986, 2000
I've Been Thinking Back Lately A little bit of pondering. What really are the good and bad times? Sometimes only time can tell. Pop/Rock 1993, 2000
Jesus Is I don't write too much churchy stuff, but not none. Should be sung in an old timey way. Pop/Rock 1996, 2000
Little Wing I believe this is a Jimi Hendrix song. An old friend of mine really liked the tune and I have associated the name with him. I hope all is well lwith you my friend Pop/Rock 1996, 2000
Lonely I had the riff for this tune in head for years. Finally, when the lyrics came, they just poored out. Pop/Rock 1986, 2000
Loving Land I really like this tune. It is fun to sing and play. Another one for my wife, all my love. Pop/Rock 1998, 2000
Moon Glow Just a bit of a song - I may end it some day! Pop/Rock 1996, 2000
Moon Shines I wrote back when first dating Laura. She lived in a nearby valley and I would often drive over there to see her. All my love! Pop/Rock 1980, 2000
Mountain Side This is a song of personal challenge and fighting defeat. Also a bit of a story with an odd twist. Pop/Rock 1980, 2000
Prophesy A wierd song for me. I do mean it prophetically but not negatively. I do love America and I don't want us to get lost, so this is more like a helpfulwarning, a take notice thing. Pop/Rock 1997, 2000
Sexual Chains I love this song. So many folks are tied down, beat up, imprisoned by, or subect to these chains that it really just makes you wonder... Pop/Rock 1999, 2000
She's Free This is an old song for me and I still sing it regularly. Life in the Valley while in school. Seems a long time ago! Pop/Rock 1980, 2000
So Alien This is the only song I wrote while living on Long Island. Amazing! Does sort of catch the flavor of the time... Pop/Rock 1987, 2000
Soft and Blue A song inside Southern California. It is not doubt that, some times, visitors definately see paradise. And, Bernell, we miss you. Pop/Rock 1980, 2000
The Bigger the Fish A bit of commentary. I think it was sparked by watching a gold fish one day. A profound thought! Pop/Rock 1986, 2000
The English A song from youth. Growing up with English bands. And a bit of thinking (as usual). Pop/Rock 1980, 2000
The Hills Do Rise A story song about traveling and adventure in the midwest. Also a little bit about remembering youthful days. Folk Ballad 1990, 2000
The Hills of the North Country This is the first song I wrote and kept. It is about a friend and about 'a far away place'. Best sung as a folksong. Folk 1980, 2000
The Kitchen I just love to write songs about work. It is figurative as I really don't work in a kitchen. But it is just like one... Folk 2002
The River A song about love and its relationship to the problems of life. Love is a major something that helps us through life. Country/Pop 1991, 2000
The Sweet Sounds of Violence There was this big blowout between staff at church. It lasted about two years. Sure was tough to go through. Ballad 1997, 2000
The World Goes By The thoughts of a fool as the world goes by around him. Will he ever be part of the world? Pop/Rock 1997, 2000
Thirty Miles This is one of Laura's favorite songs. It is pretty straight forward. She always kids me about the way I say rain - like ren. Pop/Rock 1979, 2000
Trouble Last Summer Had another bout of troubles in my marriage. We got through it and are the better for it. Love this song it is fun to sing. Blues/Rock 2000
Tuther McGee A story song of ill-fated love. The song is true to form (quite an accomplishment) and pits me against the cruel world. Ah, you've got to love depression. Folk/Ballad 1992, 2000
Walking Down the Town A story song about friendship. I guess you never really know what's going on. Pop/Rock 1999, 2000
Walls This is about someone near and dear - me. Depression can wall you in. With help things are doable but tough. Pop/Rock 1996, 2000
We're All Livin' Now Who knows where this came from. May be remembering back over youth. May be thinking about where everyone was at then (now). Pop/Rock 1983, 2000
What It Is All About I was morphing a folk song and came up with this. Probably a bit irreverent. Just trying to have fun. Pop/Rock 1997, 2000
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